29 February 2016

Winter Wolf 3, Wildlife Painting

Work in progress 5

Winter Wolf, chalk pastel on board, 38 x 39.5cm

Finished, and I've included my first ever video of my work too! Winter wolf is for sale on both Etsy and Folksy.

17 February 2016

Art Materials

As you can see from my blog title, I have changed the picture from a selection of my paintings to my work space - I thought you might like to see what I work with.

Moments after I took the photo, I had a barrier to my work. No surprise really, I had set a cat trap - an open box just begging to be filled.

15 February 2016

10 February 2016

Greetings Cards - Sold Out

I've just had a new experience. In one go, on Etsy, I sold all my sunset cards, to the same person. And I don't mean one of each. I am completely cleaned out. I'm delighted, but that's not what has put a smile on my face.

The cards are going to be used as part of their wedding. Truly heart warming.

6 February 2016

Proud Peacock, gouache on watercolour paper
I love peacocks, and had just got my hands on a new medium (for me), gouache. This was the result. He has already sold, yay, but cards are available here.

3 February 2016

Snowdrop Carpet

Snowdrop Carpet, oil on canvas
Cambo Estate in Fife is famous for it's snowdrops. They are spectacular, and a joy to paint.

Snowdrops anywhere, signal the beginning of the end of winter. I love seeing them as they give me such a positive lift. Spring is on it's way!

The original has now sold, but you buy prints and cards on Etsy and Folksy.

1 February 2016

Loch Assynt Winter

Loch Assynt Winter, watercolour and felt pen on watercolour paper

I decided to do a bit of experimenting with this wintery painting, and used a water based felt pen to draw out my image first. As it wasn't permanent, as soon as my watercolours hit the pen, it spread in all sorts of directions and in different shades of blue and purple. I loved working this way - it was so unpredictable.

I took this painting into my framer to frame, and he promptly bought it. I still have cards available on Etsy and Folksy.