30 August 2011

World War Z, Drawing and Brad Pitt

It has been a while since I last posted, summer holidays having taken their toll with my time. I have been painting (a little and I'll show you the results in another post - when I am happy with the work), spending time with family and going on holiday.

But I did do something I've never done before. I have been an extra in the new Brad Pitt Zombie film, World War Z, as they were working on it here in Glasgow; and as an artist, I had a bit of an advantage.

We were not allowed mobile phones or cameras with us (fair enough), but security were happy with me taking my sketchbook, so I did some drawings while I was waiting around. How often do you get to record things from the filming point of view? It was very odd seeing Glasgow all Americanised (or should it be Americanized?), with US street lights, signposts and flags, never mind the yellow taxis (used in my case to shelter from the rain) and large police cars.

Here is one of my quick sketches (and I mean quick).

View towards George Square, with camera.
Oh, and if you want to ask about Brad Pitt, I'll just smile and go all cagey.