23 May 2011

Sunset At Morar, 4 and 5 - Finished

I did a bit more work on the painting before the weekend, and on Friday, this is how it looked.

I have since continued working on it today, and have finished it.

18 May 2011

Sunset At Morar 3

I am beginning to build in texture now, layering the paint on thickly, but am a bit hindered by my own idiocy.  I went away for the weekend, and completely forgot to clean my brushes, leaving them out unprotected. As a result, the ones I want to use are soaking away to soften them up for use tomorrow. I find the size of the brushes I use make a big difference to me.

Talking of softening, I now need to do that to the clouds too and the base of the island where it meets the sea, while the same clouds need more light reflecting off them.

Could all be totally different by my next post.

11 May 2011

Sunset At Morar 2

Next Stage - Sunset At Morar
The painting is coming along, I think.

I want to darken the land on the right, bring more definition into the sea. The clouds need more work, softening parts of them and introducing more whispy bits (technical term). The sunset behind the island needs more thought.

Tomorrow, I'll sit for a while and have a good look before I do anything, because not seeing the painting over night often helps me to work out my next steps.

10 May 2011

Sunset At Morar 1

First stage - Sunset at Morar
Well, I'm a much happier girl now. As I said in my last post, New Start, Old Painting, I started again, and it seems to be working. To me it does anyway.

I've used large oil paint brushes (to stop me going into too much detail), shifted the land down to the bottom third of the canvas and am going to allow the orange from the original painting to show through behind the island in the background.

More tomorrow.

9 May 2011

New Start, Old Painting

Cartwheels Until Sunset
You may remember the post I made about a new painting, A New Painting - Loch Garry 1. Well, it has been just sitting in my studio, unloved and unworked on because I simply can't get enthusiastic about it - at all.

So, I've put it away, cleaned up all my pastel pencils, gauche and mixed media bits and pieces, and I've got all my oils out again.

I'm going to rework the painting on the right as feel I have improved since I painted it - and I already have a frame for it.

I want to liven up the islands in the distance, stop the land in the foreground from looking as though it is just floating about, add more interest to the sea, soften the sky and change a lot of the colour.

Well, that's what I think for the moment.  I'll keep you up to date...